Half Day introduction Course

The half day course is designed to give people a better understanding of beekeeping and whether it is the hobby for them.

Intro duction to beekeeping

Training with Bee Yond The Veil

The lecture will outline the commitments’ needed in both time and costs to become a competent beekeeper.

You will gain all the necessary information on bees and how we look after them to make an informed decision to become a Beekeeper.

This Lecture will start with understanding bees and how they live and follows through to equipment and handling.

Topics covered in this Lecture

introductory course 2015

Students on the introductory course 2015

  • Life inside a bee hive
  • Types of hives
  • Beekeeping equipment
  • Environmental considerations for placing a hive
  • Handling bees
  • The beekeeping calendar

If you have ever thought about keeping bees this is the place to start.

Course dates and fees