Beginners Course

We have two courses running this year

Week End Course Starts Sunday 17th June

Weekday Course  Starts Monday 25th June

We have limited space so please book early to avoid disappointment

The half day modules are designed for people who wish to take up beekeeping as a hobby or to develop their beekeeping skills.

You will gain all the practical and classroom experience necessary to set up and care for your first hives.

The models start with understanding bees and how they live and follows through to handling, husbandry and ultimately, honey production.

  • Module 1 Bees and Where They Live
  • Module 2 Grow Your Own
  • Module 3 A Clean Hive is a Happy Hive
  • Module 4 Reap Your Rewards

Module 1: Bees and Where They Live

In this module you will start to gain an understanding of the structure of a bee colony and its life cycle. We will look at different types of hive and all the various equipment available to the modern bee keeper.

Topics covered in this module:-

Class Room

Introduction to keeping bees including health and safety

Bee life cycle and communication

Hives and equipment

Setting up and apery

Apiary (Subject to weather conditions)

Demonstration of opening a hive and bee identification on the comb.


Module 2: Grow Your Own

In this module we will look at where to source our bees from and the related pit falls and benefits. We will also disscuss the need for swarm control.

Topics covered in this module:-

Class Room

Sourcing bees

Splitting colonies

Controlling and collecting a swarm as a means to colony increase.

Apiary (subject to weather conditions)

Opening a hive to evaluate a colony


Module 3:  A clean Hive is a Happy Hive

In this module we will discuss the major pests and diseases that affect our colonies and some of the control measures and treatments available to the back yard bee keeper.
Topics covered in this module:-

Class Room

Identification of major pests and diseases.
Why we need to treat pests and diseases
Integrated pest management
Timing of treatments relating to the bee life cycle.
Apiary (Subject to weather conditions)
Practical instruction on opening, examining and closing a hive


Module 4: Reap Your Rewards

For this module we will look at harvesting honey for your family and friends. Preparation of the colony and hive for winter. Maintenance and storage of equipment.

Class Room

Clearing boards and how to use them

Honey extraction and storage

Winter feeding and broad placement

Cleaning and storing spare equipment and hive parts.


Demonstration of scorching hive parts to eliminate pests and diseases