Bee Yond The Veil believe that to become a competent  beekeeper you must start with the

basics. There are many books and articles on the web that can be both confusing and contradictory, so that the new beekeeper quickly becomes despondent with their lack of successes.

Our belief is that good foundations produce top class beekeepers and we are here to help lay those foundations with courses that are both hands and underpinned with sound class room theory. We don’t know it all, we don’t have the all the answers, We do have the


David Adams

ability and commitment to start you in the right direction with enough tools in you kit to help you make the right decisions’ for you and your bees.


At Bee Yond The Veil we stride to educate beekeepers to a level that they can assess the requirements of the bees and have the ability to deliver on every inspection. There is no point opening a hive if you have no understanding of what you or the bees are trying to do.

I am  David  Adams a trained horticulturalist  and beekeeper from England. Based now in Chester on Nova Scotia’s south shore were  we have set up a dedicated training facility and apiary.

Pam Adams  is our demonstrator and also prepares our lunch and tea time snacks.

Our courses will get the new beekeeper up and running with all the basics and more. And we don’t stop there we want all our student to benefit from ongoing support with us and from the beekeeping friends they make during their time with us. And when you’re ready to move on you can take advantage of our more advanced courses to help develop your bees and broaden your view of the wonderful world of Beekeeping.